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ENGINE KIT STAGE 3 M50 M52 M54 - maxboost 500-1000HP

ENGINE KIT STAGE 3 M50 M52 M54 - maxboost 500-1000HP

3,296.41 $
engine block
crank options
head studs
head gaskets
Full Set Engine Gaskets + Chains

full set STAGE 3 

M50 M52 M54


500-1000HP range

A set of STAGE3 parts for M50 M52 M54 engines - powers above 500-1000HP

based on the M52B28 or M54b30 crankshaft (strocker kit): 2.8L-3.1L

depending on the BORE selection option (piston diameter)

and cranks (type of crankshaft)

The price varies depending on the selection option.


1.forged pistons + PIN (std up to 1000HP) + rings -> full set: WISECO

2.forged connecting rods + bolts

3. girdeplate (available for M50 and M54) with bolts.

4.ARP M10 head studs (for m50 or m52m54) or M12 custom suggested for m52 / m54 only

5.firerings or oem head gasket (victor reinz MLS for m54 or 1.75mm for m50)

6.Glue for the head gasket (LOCTITE)

7.oil system return covver (depending on the choice of the engine we give 90 or 45 degrees)

8. performance connecting rod bearings std

9. performance crankshaft bearings std

additional option:

* 10. (option) full set of engine gaskets + slides, gaskets, timing chains. (set to put the engine together)

Depending on the choice, a full set is a combination of parts that have been tested in our company:

M50B30 + e85 @ 2.4bar -> 1015KM.

The full set includes a full set of parts to fully rebuild the engine and prepare it for the greatest power.

Attention ! Camshafts sold separately in the relevant category.

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