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Dual clutch dualdisc DRIFTSPEC stage2 6speed BMWM54 k64spec 1200nm+

Dual clutch dualdisc DRIFTSPEC stage2 6speed BMWM54  k64spec 1200nm+ GS6-37BZ - THEG

1,278.35 $
25mm screws

DUAL CLUTCH ! M54 (6 speed ZF , ) GS6-37BZ - THEG


-light weight single mas flywheel - 15-16kg !

-2x plates 

-spacers are precision cut out of hardened steel that makes them temperature resistant

-stronger clutch pressureplate (custom)

-fully balanced set ready to fit

-plug and play

-special for DRIFT

the set does not include bolts (they must be short from a single mass set - 27mm - this is stated in the manual.

The kit works with a standard bearing.

the photo of the product in the store is for illustration purposes only, sometimes we use different pressure screws or covers.

We use clamps that we modify, regenerate and strengthen. This is not a factory kit. We check each set for its compressive strength.

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