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Turbo k64spec GT7x aka T67 T66 t04z GT3584 - T4 700KM

396.64 $

Suggested capacity 2.8-4.4

Performance up to 700KM


water cooled

oil supply

turbocharger without built-in wastegate valve

T4 flange

gaskets for the intake / supply kit and the exhaust manifold.

Bearings: Sports Journal Bearing slip

Exhaust flange: V-Band 3 "

Exhaust cup: AR 68

Suction impeller: 66.6 mm / 84 mm

Exhaust impeller: 74.1 mm / 64.5 mm

The ideal compressor for 2JZ, M3 - S50, S54 for 600+ power a

In the BMW M60 V8 4.0 / 4.4 with a recharge of 0.7 bar, the result was 480HP.

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