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Race TCS - Racing Traction Control System

Race TCS - Racing Traction Control System

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Race TCS - Racing Traction Control System

RaceTCS is racing traction control system , which limits slip of driven wheels in RWD/FWD cars. It can be used in multi port injected petrol engines. Thanks to RaceTCS you can keep wheel slip in optimal range for weather conditions and maximise acceleration. In addition RaceTCS helps limit wheel slip in curves, which increases safety and helps improve acceleration out of a corner


RaceTCS is proving itself in many cars in Poland, which take part and often win in 1/4 mile or circuit racing. Device is for track use only and it cannot be used on public roads. 

More information available on  www.racetcs.com.


Technical data:

Power supply: 12-20 V DC

Dimensions: 115x100x36mm

Storage temperature: -25°C +70°C

Operating temperature: -15°C +85°C

IP rating: IP40


Package contains:

RaceTCS device

USB cable

Slip adjutment potentiometer 

Indication led

Simply put - RaceTCS will make your car faster in straight line or on a track. It will let you use maximum available traction for acceleration in all conditions.

Better lap times

Use maximum traction while accelerating. Humans' reaction time and inputs to the throttle pedal are measured in tenths of a second. Electronics can react in a fraction of a millisecond - this is where the secret lies.

Better safety

There is no fun in driving over an ice patch or a wet kerb in RWD car. If your hands are quick enough, you can recover from a spin. If not - you crash. RaceTCS will help you limit engine torque and reduce slip, giving you more time for reaction.

Quicker learning

If you are a beginner driver, you will most certainly fear of using full potential of your car. The risk is highest in RWD cars, where too much power might result in a side crash. Adjust the maximum allowed slip to your liking, so that you can enjoy the loss of traction, but always have a guardian in case you go too far.


RaceTCS uses input from ABS sensors and controls single injection pulses of fuel injectors. When it detects a slip conditionand the slip exceeds allowed and adjustable limit, it cuts the signal to fuel injectors. Because fuel injection happens every few milliseconds (depending on engine RPM and number of cylinders), it reacts very quickly. You can't feel it working, you can just hear the change in engine exhaust sound. It is completely safe for the engine (turbo, supercharged or NA) and has been proven to work on cars with 200-750hp engine output over the years on drag strips and race tracks.

In contrast to the stock traction control system in modern cars, which are using throttle and brakes to limit power delivered to the wheels, RaceTCS with its control of fuel injectors can be much quicker and more precise. In addition, most stock traction control systems intervene very hard, making it very unpleasant to drive on the limit. Stock systems are not about performance, but safety. RaceTCS is about performance and safety. 

RaceTCS effect can be compared to modern ABS system. Human controls brake pressure for all wheels. Without ABS system, the pressure has to be reduced if one of the wheels locks up - otherwise you will burn the tire and the car will pull to one side. Modulating the pressure by foot is slow, inaccurate and unless you are F1 driver, it will result in sub optimal braking distance. The same principle applies to acceleration. When you lose traction, you lift of the gas, wait a moment until slip stops, then accelerate again. The process is very slow. RaceTCS keeps wheel spin in user selectable range, so you can extract maximum acceleration force from the tires.


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