Olej montażowy olej do składania silnika panewki wałki tłoki orginał MILLERS .UK ASSEMBLY LUBRICANT

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Mounting grease engine assembly oil bearing shells shafts pistons original MILLERS .UK

provides exceptional protection against wear of its components, while inhibiting the formation of corrosion centers in newly constructed or overhauled four-stroke engines.

It dissolves in oil and prevents clogging of oil passages and the formation of deposits.

As the construction of an engine can take from a few days to many months, the product perfectly covers the components and adheres tightly to them for a long time. It was created on the basis of high-viscosity oils and a special substance ensuring long-term and strong adhesion to the elements.

During initial start-up, engines temporarily run with little or no oil pressure, exposing the camshaft cams, tappets, rocker arms, bearings and other critical components to wear and damage. In addition to adhering closely to engine components to prevent component damage, the oil contains a high proportion of additives to ensure long-term component protection.

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