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Forged engine m50b29 Turbo convertions 600-800HP

Forged engine m54b30 Turbo convertions 600-800HP

7,578.92 $

Forged engine m50b39 Turbo convertions 600-800HP

For sale 

BMW M50b29 engine (rebore: 84.25mm or 84,5mm)

Prepared for Turbo charging.

Forged pistons (bore: 84.25) (cr 8:0 or 9.0) (will work well on either pb98 or e85)

Forged connecting rods 135mm

Competition sockets

head ARP block.

Gasket with cutrings or cometic 

Crankshaft nominal value after polishing. (no beating)

Flow into the timing cover 45 degrees

New water pump

Knock sensor in place.

The head is fully regenerated. (6mm valve, singlespring m50vanos) revlimit: 7000rpm , stock cams ! (m50 nv)


All new seals, slides, zimmers, slides...

Possibility to choose a Turbo set.

Possibility of shipping on a pallet. (.eu)

With good equipment on PB98 it will generate 600KM 700NM at 1.5bar. 

It is(engine) without accesories and without turbo equipment.

Ready to launch.

For more information, please contact us in a message.

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