STAGE2 M50 M52 E30 E34 E36 BMW TURBO KIT k64spec

BMW TURBO KIT STAGE2 k64spec M50 M52 E30 E34 E36

4,092.72 $
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turbo position
intake manifold
LHD eur / RHD .UK

TURBO SET KIT STAGE 2 -  CUSTOM k64 performance

BMW M50 M52 (non vanos + singlevanos) 500+ 

Full set 

E30 E34 E36 (engine M50 M52 singlevanos)

flow: 300-500HP FOR STOCK INTERNALS . (decompression set).

Parts carefully selected for reliability and quality with the lowest price.
The set presented here is proven in many projects in the world. Our company specializes in topping up BMW engines.
We can configure each set!  
To the kit we add a start map ECU for given injectors and selected turbo for free.
Maps including flow larger injectors, TPS settings, ignition corrections, and temperature in the inlet and head.



1. Decompression set PLATE (0,8mm stainlesssteel) (84/85 bore) for M50 M52 

2. 6 x NGKsport spark plugs with properly adjusted spark gap

3. 2 x  VictorReinz 1,75mm headgaskets (CR: 8:5:1

4. ARP studs set for engine’s head (options: m12 (rebore)

5. Turbocharger T3 GT35.30 k64spec Journal 360* -> 500HP (fast spool, maxboost at 3500rpm) or gt3582 or T04e or gt28 (for 2.0)

6. 60mm external WASTEGATE - big and highquality VALVE - Ready for boost: 0,5-2bar !

7. BlowOff valve 

8. Manual Boost Controller MBC Properfekt

9. Stainless FLANGE FOR Exhaust 10mm / Turbo 

10. Stainless Gaskets Turbo exhaust / 

11.  Oil system turbo 1,5m + gauge adapter

12. HighFlow stainlessstell EXHAUST MANIFOLD k64spec ! RHD+LHD version ! flow 700+ !

13. 6 x siemens deka 630cc INJECTORS (ORGINAL) 700HP FLOW !

14. ECU piggyback ECUMASTER DET3 + mapsensors 400kpa (4bar) (or .EMU standalone classic PL *)

15. Intercooler 600x300x76 ,highflow, 76mm in/out, 700HP+ FLOW

16. Fuel Pump 044 250/h for 500HP flow 

17. Thermal tape for TURBOS T3

18. 20 meters Titanium thermal tape for downpipe , exhaust system , manifolds !

19. Head Exhaust/Manifolds gaskets

20. Oil system Turbo-Engine Teflon PTFE 0,5m (return of oil)

21. Oil system turbo return flange + accesories

22. Oil system return (engine) + accesories

23. powerflex " stainless steel exhaust flexible pipe 76mm (3")

24. T3 gaskets Turbo

25. Full silikons for INTAKE SYSTEM : options (RED , BLUE  , BLACK)

26. Dual CLUTCH ! Full set! Ready for 900Nm+ !

27. Highflow Aluminium CNC INTAKE MANIFILD (1000HP) + accesories (OPTIONS *)

28. VBANDS 2 x 3" 76mm stainless steel for exhaust system

29. Exhaust exhaust system 3" MUFLER (76mm) 

30. T-Clamps (7x) stainlessteel for intake system

 31 & 32: Materiał  nierdzewny na układ dolotowy / wydechowy :


- 3 x kolanka 63mm, 1 x rura 63mm (dolot strona turbo)

- 4 x kolanka 76mm, 1 x rura 76mm, (downpipe)

- 1 x kolanko 76mm , 1 x rura 76mm (dolot lewa strona)

- 2 x rura 76mm, 2 x kolanko 76mm (dalsza część układu wydechowego)


- 3 x kolanka 63mm, 1 x rura 63mm (dolot strona turbo)

- 4 x kolanka 70mm, 1 x rura 70mm, 2 x redukcja nierdzewna 76/70 (downpipe)

- 1 x kolanko 76mm , 1 x rura 76mm (dolot lewa strona)

- 2 x rura 76mm, 2 x kolanko 76mm (dalsza część układu wydechowego)

33.  EGT sensor + gauge

34.  BOOST sensor + gauge

35.  Oil tmp sensor + gauge

36. Big AIR FILTER 4" (102mm) 

37. AFR Stainless steel M18x1 boss/nut for wideband oxygen sensor

38. 6 metters silikons vacum 4mm - for wastegate, blow off, mapsensors, boost gauge

39. FUll MAPs for ECU ! ready for boost.

40. Technical supports, documentations (photos), online supports

dokrecanie głowicy na szpilkach

E30 przed strojeniem

zadowolony klient po strojeniu :D

seryjne m50b25 vanos + stage2 

zimowy czas 325i turbo stage2

e30 m50 325i

drift spec


kolektor : LHD vs RHD

exhaust manifold: LHD (europa) vs RHD (.UK)

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